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GetSolarFast Panel Estimator

  1. Get a compass or compass app for your smartphone.  For the Android there is an app called “GPS Status”.  The iPhone may have a built-in app or you can get the “Digital Compass Free” app.  Some apps include a gyroscope if you want to measure the tilt of your roof.

  2. Use your compass within your home to determine which walls are closest to facing South or Southwest or Southeast. 

  3. Find a drawing of your home layout including square footage.  This is typically included in a home appraisal.  You will need to break out the square footage under each roof you have.

  4. Take a look at your roof(s), for example on Zillow, and find out what roof types they are.

The fields with the red border are required.
    Estimator for number of 60-cell Solar Panels on Hip (4-sided) roofs    
    Using a compass or smartphone app like 'GPS Status' for Android or 'Digital Compass Free' for iPhone,
    determine if you have a wall facing South or facing Southwest.  This is your ideal wall.  The Azimuth of this
    wall is the degrees from North.  For example enter 180 for a perfectly south facing wall.  
    Azimuth of ideal wall: degrees from North  
    Feet of living space under roof: Roof #1 Roof #2 Roof #3 Roof #4 Roof #5 Roof #6 Roof #7 Roof #8
    Length facing
    # Panels on Roof hip Roof #1 Roof #2 Roof #3 Roof #4 Roof #5 Roof #6 Roof #7 Roof #8
    Hip facing
    Panel Orientation Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait Landscape Landscape

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